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Sentenced Burn (Instilled/Cruzade 2014)

    May this not easily choke-hold your throat’s up within these eight non-popular tracks of the infamous nineties influences of Metalcore around North African and Spain’s Hardcore Punk by five kids scene of Andalusia tribute comprising on Adrian Bouza, Angel Pena, Esteban Flores, Jose Reyes and Manu Rodriguez as the members of Decadence.  
   By the EP performance release here on In The Mouth Of Hell as Metal-Core brutality meets the heat form Hardcore beats showing how the hatred mission being bend out not towards the moors but the Byzantium territory of Constantinople city by the crusades of holy god armies – witnessing and experienced the horror and terrorizing destruction for the final solution on greed and conquest of power as things always repeating again and again today; with the harder edgy riffs and fully frontal attacks over the Old-School meets New School enrage tracks like Humanity is The Plague, Drown in Your Shit, On The Warpath, Progress To Extinction and World of Abomination suits the medieval painting on the front cover meets the eyes ! 

Into The Mouth Of Hell: