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Sea Us Party (Independent 2015)

   Made in Staten Island served by the neat performance of mid-techniques and courage females intuitions for Jenna Snyder on bass/words onto Julia Simoniello (guitars/vocals) with Tom Bones behind the drum-set resembling Yeti as your New York’s fine Post-Punk and independent chilling Down-Tempo of Dream-Pop rocking within the awesome nurturing honest girls vocals guidance whether to provoke or to transcend the elements of Punk-Jazz and queer feminist themed ideas on their trio musical on Pill – the album pleasure to creating the hyper-local bound onto the border-less modern compositions as their direct personal values, social community activism and direct important conversation for the souls via White Noise, The War Against Terror, Slow Rojo, Physics onto Am I Awake as you might think that these performers named themselves – Yeti would getting a closer resemblance to Lisa Loeb’s explosives Indie-Rock version recording smaller league of baby hero on battling the gator that wants to eat him. 

Yeti's Pill: