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Sax P.I.M.P (Street Solid 1999)

   West Coast Rap-stars crew in your face or stereo busting system to confronts which came represents of Pomona, CA signed to Eazy-E Ruthless or moving to Death Row/Tha Row under Suge Knights’ wings of crime acts as one of the group member – Big hutch caught in conspiracy of thousand traffic pounds of marijuana as their independent since Tommy Boy signing in era brought to the resulting record on behalf works off either Anthony Stewart, Daddy Cool, Greg Hutch or some more names rapping the flow of lyrics tougher than your average Rap albums and closed-criminal influenced or relates which recalls Gangsta Rap once again ruling the last timing ticking over the late ninety-nine era within Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing brothas’ squeezing touch all over your bitchy girls or torturing your small balls – under the baptizing street-hard knocking attitudes via Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One from Above The Law. Thus brown sugar breasts, licking tones and inviting beats to do something bad to any whitey or gang-opponents around your hood while cruising with a cocked up gun – getting ready to blow or bust some caps within the rhythmic beats following Three Strikes, Black Mob, Marvin, Recycle The Black Dollar, Pawns, Smoke and It Ain’t Where You From or A.T.L True – would driving unnoticed behind you and give you a very bad day or you can joining the seeds on making bucks and live shorter …