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Rujnovej Samote Zmok (Invictus Productions 2017)

   Parts being known for their Folkish-Black Metal saluting music with the favorable liking over the deadly taste of Tormentor, Venom, Witchfinder General, Master’s Hammer to Barathrum and Lugubrum as Mercyful Fate or Black Sabbath holds their most influences around the Slovakian extreme band of Malokarpatan consisting for Miroslav (drums), Peter (bass), HV and As the double guitars with Temnohor on vocals releasing their infamous recording of the second coming for the studio full length record within Nordkarpatenland as the mixing between magic rituals for NWOBHM as Heavy Metal beautifully extreme manic and massive loud sounds in mid-tempo carrying the local language titles such as Ked Stareho Bartolina ze Senku na Tackach Zvazali (When Bartolin was Driven back Home from the Tavern on a Wheelbarrow), Nedlho po Pulnoci Opacha sa Doplazila z Dziry (Not Long after Midnight The abomination has Crawled out of The Magpie Legs) as well as Na Horami ve Folvarku Safari Rohaty Jager (A Horned Jager Governs The Gamekeeper’s Lodge in The Uplands) as well as those longer title-tracks with their magic summons in supernatural tension led by the clashing drums and riffs as Carpathian drunk arts and masterpiece with most Bohemian Grove’s intellectual ignition launches with the long-haired male representation ruling the unholy landscape.