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Rollercoaster (Paramount Vantage 2009)

   Two brothers Brian and Danny along with their beautiful girlfriends Bobby and Kate heading to the Southwestern United States destination Turtle Beach as around them the terrifying infection of worldwide spreading deadly virus already killing almost the entire population as planning their secluded waiting on a beach motel for the viral pandemic to be gone and they can started a new life again as the quartet strictly following every rules believed to keep them survive while on their way a man named Frank and his little daughter Jodie stranded on a deserted road asking them for a ride to the nearby school where serum of pandemic rumored to be developed but as the reality of the serum test fails inside; the only doctor left choose to commit suicide with the rest of infected kids through non-voluntary euthanasia. 
As the travelling continues Jodie accidentally cough blood to Bobby causing her to be infected and hiding the fact from others with Brian decided to leave them out while going to toilet. Carriers (the movie) showing us the realm of total devastation of your living ends with nightmare as epidemical outbreaks and virulent infections spreads like wildfire leaving you not many choices to act normal anymore with Peter Nashel and Brick Garner composing the music background for the film within the helping talents of various artists from The Mess Hall on Disco 1, Jack Trombey’s June Light, Moon Dawg 65 by Davie Allan or Sweet Potato sang by the Pop-Alternative band Imperial Teen closely, trying to help the foursome couples to reach their new address but as the golf course hotel stop-by incident and fun-times where the boys almost slipped into a dirty pool with many infected body on it or the balls breaking windows game as well Bobby infecting Brian as he kissing her deeply in passion. 
   A small group of survivors finding them and ambushed the group but the Mexican-standoff for keeping the girls turning to hysteria as they’re disrobing Bobby as seeing her rashes and bruises as they kicking them away just like when Brian decided to left Bobby on a deserted gas station while Danny and Kate getting stressed out. Two women being blocked by the group’s SUV that almost run out of gas as the shoot-out begins soon after Danny asking them nicely for a help as Brian shooting them to kill and got himself wounded while Danny attempts to break in an abandoned house for medical supplies surviving the attack of a rabid dog. 
The infected Brain tending to stay awake and arming himself aware that Danny would follow his girl’s intention to leaving him alone and infected with the keys and good intention correctly on the wrong time and moment; Danny decided to travel on and leaving Brian but as he’s urging for it Danny shoot him as well burning the masks and infected body before headed to Turtle Beach and waiting there …