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Rips Suit Get Sick (Warner Bros. 1995)

   Some might calling this a medical disaster story but as a deadly fever causing by Motaba virus discovered from the jungle of Africa during the nineteen sixty-seven era the US Army officers thinking that it is necessarily to destroying the camps full with infected soldiers but twenty-eight years later the USAMRIID virologist Col. Sam Daniels sent back to Zaire investigating the similar Outbreak with Lt. Col. Casey Schuler and Major Salt gathering information before returning but the higher ranks officers neglected the facts of spreading virus process while then, a capuchin white head monkey smuggled into US as the animal hosting the deadly virus, infecting a worker in the testing laboratory when tried to sell the monkey to black market. Outbreak movie begins its plot thrilling some and more people involving or not. Betsy the capuchin sold to Rudy the pet-owner in Cedar Creek whom releasing the monkey into the woods before having the symptoms and infecting his girl as their illness investigated by Dr. Roberta Keough the CDC scientist with the death results for the worker, Rudy and his girl. 
As the infection continues with a hospital technician breaks the infected vial blood mutating the virus a strain capable spreads like influenza causing heavy numbers of infecting people from the movie theater as martial law and quarantines by the Army soon being impose while Daniels arrived to Cedar Creek joining Keough and her team but both Keough and assistant Schuler got infected while experimenting the virus on labs. 
William Ford the first expert whom encountered the virus long time ago started to provide experimental serum when Daniels aware about the original Motaba strain was actually a military bio-weapon as a test-run in Africa as also infecting local monkey population with Ford and McClintock attempt to cover up that action. Daniels being arrested as the Army to preventing a finding cure while operation to destroying the area is planning underway. 
   The narrow escaping Daniels with Slat flying with a helicopter to finding the monkey that its picture being released o the media for information leads to Mrs. Jeffries whom realizing her daughter been playing with similar monkey near their backyard contacts CDC with Daniels and Salt finally can tranquillizes Betsy as Ford delays the bombing plan after hearing that. McClintock chased Daniels helicopter but as Salt mixes Betsy’s antibodies with Ford’s serum the anti-serum finally saving Keough as test before being used to public. 
Ford arresting McClintock while Operation Clean Sweep bombers being alerting by Daniels on helicopter to spare the town and detonate the bomb on water. James Newton Howard also being heroic to accompanying the movie Outbreak soundtrack with his talented great composing works via Final Authorization, White Flags, Casey Goes Down, Finding The Ship, Robbie’s Bedside onto A Little Resistance and They’re Coming. 

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