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Ring My Bell (BFD Records 2016)

   Same novel-based written by the America’s master of  Horror Stephen King with starring casts John Cusack as comic maker Clayton Riddell, army veteran Thomas McCourt (Samuel L. Jackson) and Alice Maxwell the teenage girl surviving themselves over the horrible events of mysterious electronic signals being broadcast through our addiction of using cell-phone and network internet worldwide by some kind of supernatural alien force turning most of the cell-phone users at an exact time to becoming violent and dangerous to others as the infection wave spreading like hideous wildfire experienced oneself by Clayton on his way while waiting on the international airport re-programming most human into rabid killers instantly. Escaping himself to New England as he then being saved and joining the band group of survival with Tom and Alice as they’re moving from places, witnessing how ferocious the horde of murderous people attacking the health ones on the street, forest edge, public spots and as the world slowly being destroyed – they must finding some kind of solution or any way means necessary to stop the nightmare that haunting them every time they’re sleeping as being visited or strike by the raggedy-man covering in blood as being known by other survivors as President Internet.
   The world at its stake now as descends into apocalyptic madness and blur theorists about what is really going on; leads the them onto the meeting with a bar survivor, couple of looney anti-socialist and the truth reveals about the tales of a trap setting on people’s attraction way to go to a place near the remote lake which actually is the point gathering of all zombie-like ferocious killers in hundred thousand circling the tallest signals transmitter leads Clayton to measuring himself that he already killing the leader of the evil infections and shot him several times and then, rescuing his son from the horde. 
The reality isn’t that peaceful as the walking in the woods holding hands; Clayton didn’t blow up anything there because now he’s becoming one of them doing their endless circle of something far greater destructive to the world ! 
   Listen to the Cell motion picture soundtrack as being composed by Marcelo Zarvos with music supervisor Andy Ross and Todd Williams directed; various artists like Ray Parker Jr. performing Mr. Telephone Man, Frank Simes on You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Pentagons serving their To Be Loved (Forever) or I Am Glad I Am Very Glad Because I’m Finally Returning Back Home aka Trololo Song performed by Eduard Anatolyevich Khil must be making the Classics sounds haunting your bad dreams about red jumper scary guy and the evil plan infection tomorrow.