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Reelin’ Kings (ABC Records/Probe 1972)

Besides The Grateful Dead and Mr. Garcia's completed influences – these efforts from the cloed similar years era with the nearly perfect mid-tempo of Classic Rock, Jazzy Latin tunes and collaborated sounds made pretty well by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen inducting their project name known as Steely Dan; a good example of what kinds of good bands from the early seventies uniquely, crossing the interests that make the popularity behind the background issues and themes as turning the Classics way for the balance of the artworks and examples for the listeners to loving the debut recording release through Can’t Buy A Thrill that includes names like Denny Dias, David Palmer, Jeff Baxter and Jim Hodder within their harmony vocals as a solid group and soft-tender-licious Progressive Pop services as well as the great artistic front cover works which displaying the sexy lips biting the licorice candies in fully colors variety and how glamor the year was and leaving the glitters for the next millennium to taste. The mainly soft guitars, mighty keyboards and bass-line rhythms filling the entire non-gap for promising Rock N’ Roll meets R’N B soulful tunes via Midnite Cruiser, Only A Fool Would Say That, Dirty Work, Change of The Guard or Turn That Heartbeat Over Again – keeps the small world of a har-working men and loyal housewives schooling their children guided by freedom and democracy for listening more Classic Rock on the radio stations everyday !

Can't Buy A Thrill: