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Rain Ride (Universal City Studios Inc. 1990)

   Undercover for a mission in Astoria, Oregon known as the single-parent state capital of the world for pursuing the drug kingpin Cullen Crisp’s ex-wife allegedly, stealing his million dollars regarding of some information to be left with her son Cullen Jr. which LAPD detective John Kimble must disguising with his partner Phoebe O’Hara acting as substitute teacher on Cullen Jr. elementary school as Kindergarten Cop movie. As his partner got a case of stomach flu as Kimble taking her place to meet suspicious principal.
Trying to adapts his new status without formal teaching training; using pet ferret as class mascot, positive reinforcement, structuring the class with police training and experiencing a father figure and much cherished figure for the kids to liking him with undercover role deals with child abuse case to punching bad dad and winning the attraction over school moms on his tall, strong and kind personality but becomes fond to fellow teacher and single mom Joyce of Dominic telling him about her estranged off her husband whom lives now in France. 
Then, Kimble figure out that Joyce actually is Rachel Crisp and Dominic is Cullen Jr. and trying to confronting them and giving immunity protection as his identity reveals to her sending her burst in anger. With his wicked mother Eleanor; Crisp shows up in town and making mess as he starts the fire at school library distracting everyone while kidnapping Dominic as hostage when Kimble arrives as the shoot-out between them fatally, kills Crisp. 
   Kindergarten Cop telling you about ordinary normal and daily of a regular police detective mission of undercover within the beautiful comedy, great outdoors panorama of a small quiet town and intrigues that growing faster but as the stronger will and kindness fights back like the Randy Edelman’s soundtrack track-listed from Children’s Montage, Dominic’s Theme/A Rough Day, The Line Up/Fireside Chat, Poor Cindy/Gettysburg Address to A Dinner Invitation through Stalking Crisp, A Magic Place and The Tower/Everything is OK ends the conclusion as O’Hara hitting Eleanor’s back with a baseball bat after she shoot Kimble and then, arrested. 
O’Hara and Kimble fully recovered at the hospital returning to California but Kimble shows up surprisingly the children at school before kissing Joyce in cheers.