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Pura Banderas (Craneal Fracture 2017)

   Maybe some of you ever heard the infamous names whether it’s Jhon, Miguel Tipacti or Nego surfacing your brain lately or before ? or maybe Sordecer plainly may ignites your surroundings as the Noise Grindcore extreme eruption spreading a blast along the releasing third recording of the group entitled Estrepito Nihilista on the crude rawest cassette made of Spain as the beheaded man in orange convict uniform pulls off his neck by unknown hand’s killer over these mostly extreme grind-noise-core of seventy-one example tracks of tortures and worst mutilating visions of ideas for Erase Una Vez El Hombre, Queiro Ser Como Tu, El Gran Ordenador, Planeta Esperadazado, Altares De Mercado, Seleccion Natural, Sin Clase or Tiempo De Transformacon onto Cultura Capital or Pensamiento Libre.

If you are one of those asshole person who thinks that fucked up humans supposed to have second chances then you deserved to be among thus victims waiting for the next cartel-style torture process inside the wet, cold and dark dungeon or basement. 

Feel your heartbeat faster and fearful quick as the images of other death severed haunts the normal mind of your fainted body and face. 

Estrepito Nihilista: