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Pastel Bosozoku (Dream.Hax Entertainment 2013)

   Pop-dedicated for Chiptune unit of the America states of New York City that loves to make louder, faster and hacked music with four members consecutively, rocking themselves out as Anamanaguchi consisting of colorful liking - lead songwriter guitarist Peter Berkman, bass player James DeVito, guitarist Ary Warnaar and drummer Luke Silas making their funny gaming and influenced animated popular culture sensation characters available there within the musical making sounds and imaginations via Electro-Pop tunes and beat rhythms through Endless Fantasy recording album that shows good cover artworks and more interesting insider tension by materials of controllable Chiptune sounds.

   Listen to proof it that the information isn’t misleading and tracks are mostly, good to follow as entertaining as you wanted to be like Echobo, Planet, Japan Air, Akira, John Hughes, Snow Angels, Canal Paradise, Prom Night to SPF 420 – really tasty to delivers in the middle of the lounge party, cauch romance, weekend boring afternoon with too much sunshine or apartment rooftop during the cloudy busy days will welcoming these track-listed record.

Endless Fantasy: