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Our Best Hope… (Sony BMG Music 1998)

   A Distant Discovery, Crucial Rendezvous, The Comet’s Sunrise, A National Lottery and The Wedding must be some parts of the music scoring composed by James Horner following the rest of the tragic movie-story for Deep Impact as sci-fi disaster hits our planet earth close in a form of gigantic comet which scientifically accurate more as teenage amateur astronomer Leo Biederman discovers unusual object near the stars Mizar and Alcor in the sky using telescope sending the picture to astronomer Dr. Marcus Wolf whom realizing it as a giant comet coursing collision to hit with Earth but before he manage to shares this urgent information; a car accident killed him on the way for alerting the nation. Resignation of secretary of the treasury Rittenhouse and connection to the name “Ellie” captures an investigation interest from MSNBC journalist Jenny Lerner in sudden but finding the truth as FBI taken her to see the president realizing that its an acronym of E.L.E (Extinction Level Event) as President Beck announcing about this comet named Wolf-Beiderman now headed to earth with 7 miles/11 kilometer long larger enough to causing mass-extinction wiping out of humanity but reveals a constructing Orion spacecraft called Messiah led by Oren Monash and veteran astronaut Spurgeon Tanner can alters the comet path using nuclear weapon.
The dangerous mission as people of the planet earth waiting in fully fear questioning the day to be saved or turning failure; as the landing on the comet continues with the planted bombs beneath the surface of it as outgassing explosions and sunrise approaching fast blinded Oren and kills the other astronaut as the detonation unfortunately, only splitting the comet two but still heading earth as the spaceship losing contact with the white house and NASA. Imposes martial law and the revealing of many underground shelters being build by nations worldwide like the US government’s limestone caves of Missouri with their selective 800.000 americans jining 200.000 selected individuals as well the massive supply of food, genetically viable populations of significant animals and seeds from every plant species as Lerner and Biederman family also being chosen but not his girlfriend whom refusing to stay with her family desperately, stuck inside a traffic jam of refugees trying to escape their inferno endings that day as far as eyes can see going out the city. 
   The smaller piece of comet predicted to strike the Atlantic Ocean generating mega-tsunami of 3.500 ft as approaching while Leo getting back on a trail bike picking up Sarah and her baby sister left the Appalachian Mountains to the higher ground but Lerner whom giving her seat to friend Beth and her little girl reuniting with her father at the beach house holding each-other as the comet hits; causing a sudden megatsunami and killing millions in its path. 
Over this movie entitled Deep Impact which have been its scoring music composed beautifully, tragic but well to tell the rest of the story in conclusion using Sad News or Drawing Straws as the suicidal mission attempts of the second landing plan by the crew before saying Goodbye and Godspeed to their family on a video conference manage to blow-up the larger parts of the comet into smaller particles harmlessly burn into earth atmosphere. 
President Beck addresses the nation and worldwide public for encouragement, honoring remembered of the sacrificing heroes and the re-building of the civilization from brick to brick.