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Olya Dream (Attenuation Circuit 2015)

   Vocalist and noise-music composing artists hailing from different shows of Russia within his dark, melodic, Post-Punk and and Pop sounds personality as intellectual and paying tributes to philosopher like Jacques Derrida in those blending of bass-synthesizers, heavy 80’s Punk-flavored and guitar distortion contributes onto the rest case release of Five Bayonets Of Happiness; spreading the infinity echoes and distorting sounds which compels the stagnant signals of life itself faded as times flies faster and disaster leaving marks deeper on the surface of the earth including sand people monument just like how angels and demons fighting over god’s attention but sacrificing weaker beings in the process is that how this fine darker shades of recording happens to appear to your stereo system within Burroughs, Merrily !, Forest, Nietzsche, Adolescence or Collider.

   Maybe some might finding the Russian messages of the warning alarm for the malfunction series of proud experiments by men gone wrong on this Bookwar’s Post-Hop project of Moscow region. 

Five Bayonets Of Happiness: