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Old House Showdown (Back Lot Music 2016)

   Alexandre Desplat working on the scoring filmography titled The Secret Life of Pets which is a children-friendly animated comedy drama plotting the tales of a Jack Russell Terrier  Max living in manhattan with Katie the owner on their apartment as when every owners went away to works, going somewhere doing their outside activities; all the pets on the building gathering around or do something they’d love to do all day long waiting for them by the end of the day; from Chloe the cat, Mel the pug, Buddy (Dachshund), budgerigar named Sweet Pea and many more. Until one day Katie adopts Duke a stray mongrel that makes Max jealous and trying to abandoned Duke in the alley but as they’re losing the collars it’s easily for animal control to taking them custody.
Being rescued by a rabid rabbit Snowball leading the flushed pets troops that hates human owner for dumping them or mistreating them collecting more members including Max and Duke pretending to be one but caught for being domesticated as the great rd viper asked to kill them instead being unfortunately, died by the dogs tricks before running out the sewer and to Brooklyn as Snowball vows to kill them as retaliation. 
   The funny moments, threatening fun issues and friendships are brought to the audiences within the good soundtrack files like Fetch Me a Stick, Hijack!, Gidget Meets Tiberius onto Rooftop Routine, Good Morning ax and Traveling Bossa did pretty well describes the most Manhattan area as the dogs entering the heavenly sausage factory when they’re really hungry while Gidget and her small troops of friends trying to find Max also having their own fantastic adventures in the process to the encountering over Snowball’s army. 
Rescuing Duke from the animal control van that fell into the Hudson, crossing the crowded traffic of NYC by bus, Gidget kung-fu skills fighting the flushed pets for saving Max her beloved to the plummets saving of Duke by Max and Snowball in heroic moment. 
A girl named Molly adopts the furious Snowball as the entire pets group went back to their apartment sparking true friendships between Duke, Max and Katie and the rest of them went later on partying.