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Oiufael Devil Book (Painkiller Records 2006)

   Horror paths still alive and well in Sonderberg, Denmark made to flesh by Denial Of God crew as deader Doom Metal provides the views of darkness prevails. Brothers in satanic arms and prelude to ancient pagan beliefs built the band straight away as Ustumallagam (vocals) and Azter (guitar) as well as Uksul (drums) with tons of bass players during their period of demo-ing tapes and further more destruction actions in the releasing of their third album materials through The Horrors Of Satan in Black Metal mayhem as you might heard them clashing, bashing and corroding the atmosphere within extreme metallic riffs, growls and double pedals worshipers in false faith beliefs.

The Curse of The Witch, The Iron Gibbet, A Night in Transylvania and many horrific themes tales opened by The Coming would be sophisticated just like your real favorite thrilling movies turning to living reality through the brutal sounds ! 

The Horrors Of Satan: