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Muscle Girls (Capitol Records 1985)

   Within their original semi-legendary formation or line-up with Fee Waybil (vocals), Rick Anderson (bass), Prairie Prince (drums), Roger Steen (guitars/vocals), Michael Cotton (syntheziser) and Vince Welnick (keyboards) surreal their mix Progression Rock theater fledged productive on making the good Pop-Rock features and Rock N’ Roll sensation over Pop-Punk, Hard Rock and some romantic ballads via the group calls of themselves as The Tubes as these San Francisco suggestive releasing with cheap and expensive touring as well as several personnel changes as time passing by as their fame and notoriety for music making career and stage rocking remains them one of the true legacy over the 70’s and early 80’s era just approves here with the band’s eight releasing album on Love Bomb sparkling the momentary of cheering party, good periods and elegant century developing its own cultural Pop sounds that lasted as Classics as possible for more years in the future within the blending on Pop-Rock, Classic Rock and more beats before things blown out through the exclusive track-listed like Night People, Say Hey, Come As You Are, Stella onto Theme From A Wooly Place (Wolly Bully/Theme From A Summer Place) like a primitive mash-up idea as well as For A Song, Feel It as well as Eyes crossing the adult-oriented vocals and more fantastic catchy falsetto techniques and harmony back-up choir to make your ears amazed for couple minutes or even longer. 

The Tubes releasing the best of them entertaining the lover of power Pop music recording. 

Love Bomb: