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Munasawagi (Topshelf 2017)

   3 - the record by Tricot; a Japanese Alternative group from Kyoto used to be a local Toriko before turned up to French knitting word to Tricot within Hiromi Sagane, Ikkyu Nakajima, Motoko “Motifour” Kida brought a Pop-sensation attacks over J-Pop cultures and more passionate rock style within the reality suburban tinged themes and urban adventure of lives among youngsters all the way within Yosoiki, Wabi-Sabi, Tokyo Vampire Hotel, Dedede, Pork Ginger smart, faster and catchy musical all the way over Echo, Setsuyakuka, Namu, 18 19 and Melon Soda.

True rocker lolita improvement sounds ! 

Link for 3: