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Mulin River (Not On Label 2018)

   Japanese meets China musicians gathering around for the same interests on Alternative Dream-Pop and Flower-Shoegaze sounds in softer distorting and melodic of harmless as catchy as you might prolong to hearing them out carried the mission of Eriko on vocals plus guitar, Masaki Sato the guitar/vocals onto the bassist Kiwako, drummer Sino, guitar player Makiku and orchestration strings of amazing independent through Cyan EP recording from Plant Cell band sounding very awesome and neat solid for being sophomore on their work-scaping via Marguerite, Landscape of Green Lakeside, Wheat Field or Snow and Luculia (Final Winter Mix) within their different tempos and themes but sounding so romantic.

   You would taking the blueish staircase down to planet earth crust back and loving the newest releasing or craving more out of them …

Cyan EP: