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Meet Maker (Urban Island 2010)

   West Virginia camping group of young people freely and full of libido consisting of Allison, Chad, Chloe, Chuck, Jason, Naomi, Todd, Mike and Mitch encountering two local hillbillies trying to mingled and talk but Tucker and Dale’s appearance and inferiority complex scares everyone. 
Going to their new bought cabin nearby the woods as the memorial day massacre story being told and skinny dipping college kids led to Allison’s drowning silly saved by Dale and Tucker and befriending them as the rest of her friends raiding the cabin to saving her from the psychopathic captors as Mitch killed himself on a tree impales while Tucker chasing bee with a chainsaw as the rest of the college kids meant this as a battle surviving as the funny parts goes on with the hillbillies thought the city kids are madly suicidal but for them the locals are the psycho killers a Allison knocked out by shovel, sheriff accidentally kill himself as Chad reveals to be a child whom his mom a lone survivor of the memorial day massacre being raped by his dad the real killer angered him to kill the rest of his friends and targeting Dale, Tucker and Allison too but the sawmill chasing and the asthma attack over the chamomile tea box throwing sending psycho Chad convulses and falls to death. 
   Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a favorable comedy thrill that has a hilarious soundtrack like Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam, John Craig’s Soon, Mike Shields’ Belong, Doug Naugler’s I Dug My Grave and Walked Away might bursting you on big silly laughs and several naughty sexual scenes.