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Manatee Firefly (Independent 2016)

   After the raining hard there must be a good and better weather for you to cheers within and for that condition; these sweeter six tracks off - Vom Night with the red-haired girl holding the colorful balloons as well as this fine artistic form of artworks via the front cover album designs by Gobbinjr telling us about the simple daily non-news for Undies, Perfect definitions in short-duration or May We All Have Space as the musical written, recorded and mixed by Emma Witmer while mastered by Warren Hildebrand as a Bedroom-Pop chills and Dream-Pop Synth-motions from New York New York. 

   Last but not least, her PS. thanking the helps from Nicholas Cummins, Hayley Livingstone, Brian Orante, Dan Francia and Casey Weissbuch for them making this recording happens !

Vom Night: