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Lupara Bianca (Eclectic Productions 2012)

   Nothing shall becoming righty even with guests appearance by Angelo Raffaele De Innocentiis or Tony Berardinucci because these Atessa, Italy’s crew of interesting rocket rollers ashes dragged in between the ashes of bestial Devastation and Tools of Torture led Rabid Dogs forming as the latest project of a newly format thriller exploitations inspired by the 70’s movie and mixture of Grind-Core, Stoner-Punk and pulp themes in wrapping violence. With Blade, Doc and  Gina performing their extreme enough variations of banging Hardcore angst by messages of these fifteen tracks and criminal-fatality examples and graphic displays via Beasts With Guns into the filthy gutter lead guitars, riff-age raping onto Sludgy Velcro darkened Rock N’ Roll fanatics over The Boss, Il Consigliori, Death Wish, Daddy McBride through the immense recaptures off real crooks, bandits and lawless tales along the artistic Italian Rock scene and living like just your B-Rated seminal porn movies collection being slabs by head-banging style of the Motorhead's masturbation on the metal-heads females mouth or just like deranged Heavy Metal biker blisters shaving balls before torture begins ! 

Beasts With Guns: