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Life Is A Highway (Walt Disney Records 2006)

   Piston Cup Championship is the most important thing to held and win in the populated world of anthropomorphic vehicles which this year a tie decision made between veteran Strip “The King” Weathers, runner-up Chick Hicks and Lightning McQueen the rookie as scheduled back for one week front as International Speedway LA that for McQueen to wins it means he can easily leaving his unglamorous sponsorship and joining the lucrative Dinoco team as he pushes himself practicing harder but when he fell asleep; big rig Mack startled the reckless street gang racers resulting McQueen thrown out the truck and left in the middle of nowhere where the interstate headback making him ended up lost onto a run-down desert smaller town named Radiator Springs. Being arrested and ordered by the town-judge Doc Hudson given McQueen a community service on repave the road as he doing his tiring job while befriending some of other cars in this Pixar/Disney animated children adventure movie Cars.
Finding out that Doc Hudson is actually a fabulous Hudson Hornet (three times champions of Piston Cup) and the history about the place that used to be a popular stopover along the old US Route 66 but within the construction of Interstate 40 passing through it; the town quickly gone forgotten as vanished from the map. Repaving and making friends, McQueen seems to enjoying his new living in the middle of nowhere but Mack and the media finally relocated his presence there; as the rookie reluctantly leaving to California back for the race title. 
Sally Carrera, Doc, Mater, Luigi and the rest of the cars crew going to Los Angeles International Speedway discovering that Doc is back within his old racing color taken over his crew as chief for McQueen with several friends from Radiator Springs helping the pit. As the tricks and emerging spirits that he learnt from Doc; McQueen then leading the race into the final lap with Weather being in dangerous spins to crash as being swiped by Hicks and winning the race while McQueen whom already on the lead turning back to save Weathers by pushing him to the finish line as well. 
The media condemned Hicks winning and impressed by McQueen sportsman offering him a sponsorship deal with Dinoco but McQueen refuses it to stay with Rusteze. 

   Then, McQueen moves his headquarter to Radiator Springs announcing his help to put the town back on the map shall be a good ending as the original motion picture soundtrack by various artists like Chuck Berry, Sheryl Crow, Country-star Brad Paisley and the group Rascal Flatts brought their good songs such as Behind The Clouds, Real Gone, Sh-Boom, Find Yourself and Randy Newman’s instrumental compositions for the titles like Opening Race, McQueen’s Lost onto New Road, Pre-Race Pageantry or Goodbye must be a better proof no how bigger goodie this movie characters and franchise will be next !