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Leo New Sage (Independent 2017)

   Maybe on your trip back from somewhere place a stranger giving you this recording from Be Steadwell as then, those good variable Pop-Jazzy, ballads and piano musical palace sounds like sad epic on a murky water subjective truth to be calling by the singer/musician/song-writer herself proudly as Queer-Pop music aas the Folkish Acapella, Jazz-roots and Blues experiments originally making into a beautiful such of dignity sounds and contemporary conservative by the natural endangered vision and breath of life blows as Breakup Songs suddenly – cracking its beat louder like a hungry lesbian girl leaving the wounds hurting behind and getting up again; must be encouraging Be Steadwell to continued making awesome whispering and confusion lyrics story through Precarious Place, Deleted You, Done, I Dare You, Climbing Poetree – How I Taste and Wake Up Alone would be a shed-a-tear moments for the brave female to fighting back her freedom for being happy in search of. Washington D.C’s LGBT society will be so proud for having this talented visionary tunes writer and arranger.

Breakup Songs: