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Left Right Gauge (Com2us 2014)

   Ace Fishing No. 1 is really a fun game for you who loved fishing or don’t with ranging of ages spreads wider from five years old to ninety-nine going stronger as 4 basic skills needed as we calling them tricks to successfully, catching your fishes – from the easiest one to the hard and nasty as there’s also skill practice room to improves your yanking powered up and release the line which based on not just your experience but also the eager to try more and more without forgetting the techniques and the spirits for not giving up when your line-strings broke, the several inches lost fish or money to gain before pleasure for better preparation makes you wanted to bet rather go further wet and fails. 

   With guidance from our good friendly characters like the sexy hot blonde Carla whose looking lot beautiful than Daisy Dukes or the old man Steve as useful abbreviations or terms like the important on having two or three Big Fish (bf), tapping skills requires but Critical Damage (cd) isn’t your favorite choice; whether you must choose between White Dragon (wd) or Fire Fox (ff) on Level 50 rod/reel by opening your Treasure Chest or Aqua Blast (ab) and Titan (sgp) evolving high success rate or using premium cash as the instrumental musical tracks that spreading the real meaning of funky weekend or awesome holiday in the South Pacific/Hemisphere or Waikiki Beach - Hawaii Islands  as well as achieving hidden lures and fishes through Mariana, Amazon’s Piraiba to Mediterranean sea and collecting Pearls, Accessories and Superboat or Map (and) more money and gold coins for fixing the damage and repairs of your fishing rods. 

Buy a Fish Tank if you feels like you’re getting luckier !!!