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Last Manifesto Undone (Bandcamp 2015)

   Creating music as the purpose of being free to decided not enslaved by fame, money or fortune is the main plan why on earth the solo and collaborative musical project off London to Liverpool seeking new listeners and spreading the infamous experimental tracks blending on Minimal Synth-Wave, Electronic pounding noises or Alternative Cold modernism Synth by the order of not to pay or given charity for The New Brutalism recorded by This Is The Bridge forging the insanity, eerie and intellectual type of suspicious Sci-Fi collaboration within weirdness follows the infrastructure holographic music sounds of a newer moderate high-technology went wrong in The New Brutalism revealing its ugly epsilon demiurge disguising of looney musical and standard monotone spoken vocals via Relocation Relocation, Habitat, Down with The Bulldozers, Strata, Walls Will Fall onto La Main Ouverte as well as Tower Block Disco.Blue shall taste sadness – it is here underneath the depressive lower tones of man and machine copulating to build society of secrets.

The New Brutalism: