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La Veleta (El Volcan Musica 2010)

   Granada founding local Indie Rock band not related quite closer to any inquisitions but a better living melodies and Rock n’ Roll surfing of brilliance over Los Planetas crew consisting for Banin Fraile, Eric Jimenez, Florent Munoz, Julian Mendez, Miguel Lopez and many more names trying to complete the group’s collectible surprising Psychedelic Rock meets Indie-Pop international with similar taste reconnected to more beaches and mutual free world of the seventies background on it perspective as their eight recording releases via Una Opera Egipcia meaning one Egyptian opera; sharing to you the band’s good works and rocking system onto stereo within the grass-rooted mixing and standard tempos through Soy Un Pobre Granaino, Siete Faroles, No Se Como Te Atveres, Virgen De La Soledad onto La Pastora Divina or Los Poetas. Emerging the echoed fuzz-sounds like a non-stop action figures from the harmony-lane of the ancient Egypt taste in spanish rock.

Una Opera Egipcia: