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Kursk Radio (Sounds Red 2004)

   Five-piece naming themselves as the members of Soviet – the Electroclash/Italo Disco/New Wave/Synth-Wave or Synth-Pop crew from Los Angeles came in with their alerting catchy tunes and soft-motion beats for your popular consuming appetites striking hard through the group’s second album release with the formation of keyboardist Amanda Lynn, Greg Kochan (keyboards), guitarist Kenan Gunduz, Chris Otchy playing keyboards and Keith Ruggiero performing the vocals with guitars as this weird formation off the most electro-keys ambitions musical upon the mission for Spies In The House Of Love probably, predicted as nearly Pop-tuning infiltration through your thick wall hidden headquarters or the backdoor sliding seduction for more information gathers just like real espionage works but this time doing it with good sounds and attractive red-dressing babe agent performing the hypnotic tunes with Involuntary Genius, Photograph, Flling Water, Waves of Understanding, Dear Friend and Wake Up – almost finishing their tasks forbidden to be revealed as identity kept and romance fake continuing the lushy moments of touching as well interrogating of Felton Jarvis. 

Spies In The House Of Love: