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Kitten Kingdom (Armor Games 2009)


   Epic Battle Fantasy is a fight screen of reminiscent strategies wrapped in popular sounding/music choices well-made or added up by oneself in a rocking RPG-style fighting progresses adapted by the most all well-known games from the past to present; several characters and battles separates into different depicted areas as the background based only over two main characters Matt and Natalie.

   Opening dialogue outlining basic instructions, weapons, common healing or potions and shop screens leading you to the next fight interface facing their enemies which option menu appears to show characters health, mana or status with emoticons as well as defeating the foes is important to continue; making your normal attack, to defend or minimized damages differing within special abilities performing magic imbued attack, powerful white and black magic spells to defeating the enemy from the Grassland-like environment onto a Blood-Red Sky filled with dead trees as they’re facing King Slimes or Eyeballs or other boss such as Haunted Trees, must slaying multiple crabs legendary golem, Regirock onto Mecha before arrived on the omnius graveyard guarded by Skull Ghosts while the cemetery center owns by Zombie Goku character for the final climatic duel over the fate of the Earth.