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Kids Never There (Wind-Up Records 2005)


   Saved from her wounded nearly death-experience; the gorgeous and brave Elektra Natchios reviving a blind martial arts by master Stick as the hard training of ancient Kimagure has the ability to resurrects the dead but as she cannot control her rage or fear soon Elektra being expelled turning to contract killer as then infiltrates heavily guarded and slaying DeMarco as her agent receiving large amount offers by an anonymous client wanted her services as she spending days on a rented house of an island where the assassination taking place as the target will be revealed later on as sh met Abby trying to swipe her necklace but releasing her to meet her father Mark whom Elektra had an interesting dinner with; soon known by her as the targets but as she spares them, she must protecting them as well from the assassins of syndicate ninja mercenaries – The Hand.
As Kirigi leads the team to kill Elektra giving her not much choice but leaving them with Master Stick driving to McCabe house but tracing down by Typhoid, Stone and Tattoo under Kirigi’s command. The hunt down on the forest nearby letting Elektra to kill one of them but the kiss of death by Typhoid almost killed Elektra as Abby being kidnapped by Kirigi before Stick came to help. 
   The semi-intense action movie from Marvel female heroine character get its treat because of the listing soundtrack composing scores by Christophe Beck but also the various artists performance the rocking session of collective tracks pulling the limit for Elektra on saving the one she needs to protect the most and loved; as sacrificing, mixed martial arts and sexy red tight outfit really makes a good combinations within the loud bangs off Switchfoot, The Donnas, Taking Back Sunday onto The Dreaming as well as Alter Bridge to Hawthorne Heights and Full Blown Rose; as for the calming down tracks instrumentals like Ferry Crossing, Insomnia, Gnarly Gongs, Just Sit Quietly and Wolf Run reveals within Abby’s ability as a prodigy treasure or martial arts seeking by the hand – as the fight between the chaste and the hand casualties over a long time as the test leads Elektra to astrally projects herself to have a duel with Kirigi claiming the winner for Abby as the first defeat from Kirigi and the arrival of Abby as they’re hiding in hedge maze; separates with Abby captured by Tattoo snakes but Elektra snaps her neck as well as manage to stab kills Kirigi. 

Elektra then performing Kimagure to resurrects Abby as she knows that everything is fine now and safer for Abby and her father. 

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