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Into Kriistal Ann (Future 80's Records 2014)

   Trademark gift to the desperate house-wives whom always having problems with their body weight, the looks and daily snacks with gaining more rather than make them lasts which providing some kind of artistic musical themes in the making while on the same time finding their husbands - either cheating behind them or having a better sex activity for paying ladies outside the clubber town karaoke or the eighties pelasure within sex, drugs and Rock N' Roll lap-dancing by strippers. 
Don't you worry ladies at home - while you might discovering the enthusiastic Greek Electronic producer of music making his garbage sounds worth for you and your extended pleasure seekers without hubby by your side listening on L.A Lifestyle, Mylene and Electric. 
   Precious body-work out onto the backyard sunny humping sex with the pool cleaner or dark-skinned mechanic on the autocar-service maintenance bench or the kiosk boy blowjob behind the gas station shall be a great idea to lifting up your self-esteem that there're still men wanted to making aggressive sex to you not one but three and four locking up the cheap motel door and giving your every inches of tight holes a ramming pound of your orgasm life's resurrects harder than ever. 
   Driving the influences for saluting the 80's Pop culture beats for the likes on OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Sandra, A-Ha and Yazoo simplifying the beats to crystalizing New Wave spot as a genre on inflicting the next Disco-Electro inferno of useless wives turning independent slutty in Hot Body records creatively produced and creates by Beatbox Machinery on worshiping the sexier younger shapes of Jane Fonda to Farrah Fawcett to the newer millennial generation.

Hot Body: