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Initium Columns (Twilight Records 2009)

   Residues direction of a principle Rock haunting season that would rising up your body hair consisted through the composing of poly-instrumentalist martial group – Skrol from Checzhia performing Industrial Music featuring Vladimir Hirsch, Martina Sanollova and Tom Saivon carrying their ambition gaze onto Noise structures and artificial Ambient incorporated space in minimalist and respectful traditional denial within this Neo-Classical meets Industrial Rock Electro over New Laws / New Orders releasing album as thus female whining and dungeon evil-tinged messages lyrics moaning while screaming whether not for helps but invitations for you madness minds to stepping down the stairs and joining the cause by taste along Agony of Faith, Bread Of Deceit, Spiral Aura, Dogma and Ritual, Lex Lacerationis, The Rie of Love and Death or Postscript; as the articles already being written as the document of complete insanity sounds accompanying the lethal nights of lunacy with a deadly lullaby.    

New Laws/New Orders: