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Hufifirn Suworow (Percht 2011)

   Worldly-tinged Schalle Ursula on cowbell onto Kathi playing accordion, Anneli (hurdy gurdy, bass, flute, vocals), Res the vocalist playing jew’s harp, harmonica and percussion as well as Guschti on guitars, Hagu Hans the drummer calling themselves Frakmundt as it is a legendary mountain of mystery where once told that Pontius Pilatus corpse being thrown into a lake of the eastern mountainside as restless and furious spirit sourcing a local tales of a living cave dragon harming but also helping humans as being captured by this non-sensation music of untamed Switzerland midst of pagan hearted musicians on Heiwehland going back to worshiping through their old ancestor ways within sounds sustainable making within the presents over Die Arme Seele Em Ys, Ha An Em Ort Es Bluemli Gseh, Harz Mys Harz, D’Draachejongfer, Tanzlaubehond and more Neo-Folk traditional perfection traces carried by Heiwehland manifestation of alemannic re-interpreted older section of inspirational sagas, historic and ceremonies ritual of UrFolk.

   Mostly, semi-acoustic but also live Pop fractures surfacing in more The Cure’s Goth-like music performance by the group on their third albums.