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Helena Dillenias (Self-Released 2018)

   Dream-Pop/Indie/Alternative Shoegaze musical project farther to be sharing themselves in a project which creating a marked written lyrics and panoramic scenes as being background by the compositions of desperate sounds echoing leading these Brunei Darussalam fully length release picturing more mini dogs and vanilla sky as Girls Cats Grass and Other Stories begin the band’s musical journey like a submissive effects through If I Saw You Yesterday Would It Make a Difference ? but later on followed by Yesterday Today bringing back the joyful hopes consistently half-pricing onto the blossoming approaches of Summer comes in by the mixes of haunting monotone vocals and Surfvampire’s indifferent songs such as Seria, Lush, Shudder, Leis onto Moon Child (What You Want) that ends after you pleasing yourself via Until Then as thus melodies and harmony strings and vocals capturing most moments as the glimpse of your eyes catching a lonely girl sitting to watch the quiet shore telling its own story beautiful disaster tales of modernity.

Girls Cats Grass and Other Stories: