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Heffer Drifting (Atlantic/Interscope 1992)

   Remembers when the different radio station and television channels not only around San Francisco where the band used to originated from – the hit single of one night stand or one hit wonder – as they’ve said to what furor favorite for everyone singing along the lyrics of honest and simple Alternative Rock music sounding as brought in by the track What’s Up ? from the recording release entitled Bigger, Better, Faster, More! as the one and only good releasing off 4 Non Blondes music career right from the early nineties lasted to five years more before they’re disbanded but back at that time – nobody could arguing more not to liking how Linda Perry (vocals, guitar), Christa Hillhouse (bass), Dawn Richardson (drums) and Roger Rocha the guitarist as quartet of oddity further breaking the people’s brain for calling them shallow as the combinations of powerful Folk Rock and Psychedelic Rock contrasting the grungy emotions carried at that time as a trend which here the freight Train keeps on going to reach its destination and hitting the colorful creatures, obstacles in absolute background as well as bring back the reality border meeting the fantasy towards great unique vocals, standard funky motions and many self-written songs as Superfly, Pleasantly Blue, Morphine & Chocolate onto Spaceman or Calling All The People exploding some moderate beats of both Motown and Rock n’ Roll crossing the genders and telling the world to humming with them for finding the energy of peace …

Bigger Better Faster More: