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Hecatombe Ritos (Barbarian Wrath 2018)

   Horror evil death and darkness influenced as brutality and extreme sounds over Thrash/Black Metal combinations led these Guatemala City crew named Evokador consisting of the faster plundering metal-heads maniac from R.Ofensor doing the lead vocals, Jose Santos Madrid claiming his guitar’s riff-age and insanity to the demonic demolishing drummers by Estuardo Franco lasted to releasing their final EP recordings of self-titled Evokador as shown the audience – such a sexy sensual of cult rituals of the dead-priests would just sacrificing the blonde non-virgin woman naked on the ground altar with a serpent seducing her genitals and trying to copulates to her quick.

   Cauldron finally, boiling and as the haze creeping in so did the manifestation of evil presence comes as the blistering tracks blast-out from the album cranking the extremity via bestial barbaric incarnation being invites through Ritos de Luna Llena, Poseido, Camino Al Infierno, La Ultima Trompeta, Actos de Lujuria y Blasfemia are amongst the sicker themes talking about the hatred wrath and destructible Christian rules of beliefs in the new metallic central america.