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Handkerchiefs Razzamataz (Volume Records 1985)

Weirdy, almost like childish vocals and top of the pops Rock N’ Roll action music made by these Sunderland, UK seminal group of Pop-Punk Rock calling their tunes a mocking poop but many might loving Toy Dolls really fine as their funny drilling independent music keeps of getting weirder within the lyrics and themes animated and not-famous but interesting to listen to these infamous lads.

Either by the original line-up consisting for Pete Zulu (guitars), Flip or Phillip Dugdale the bassist/vocalist; Mr. Scott behind drums or even the last known members like Olga, Tom Gobber to more names comes and go crossing the career of your lame dynamite (The) Toy Dolls especially through their second musical releasing record there on A Far Out Disc where Punk-Rock still surviving the income selling point as the new Rock N’ Roll fusion over She Goes to Finos, Modern Schools of Motoring, Carol Doods is Pregnant, Commercial Break onto We’re Mad and Wipe Out! 

As the rowdy Country-farts of Punk Rock junks being assembled into parts known to be sold as this package of harmony shouts and sing-along rubbish rock !

A Far Out Disc: