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Graeme Revell Theme (Time Bomb Recording 1999)

   Stoner teen Anton Tobias finding himself trapped within the situation where this Halloween really did not working out very well for him as his right hand being possessed by a demonic force doing most terrible things horrific like killing his parents and his two best pals Pnub and Mick with all the clues pointing on him with a starting up relationship with his neighbor Molly after the funeral of his parents and friends whom decided not to go straight to heaven but rising from the grave as a druidic priestess hunting for the spirits for its responsible killings across the country for Idle Hands the movie.
Anton then, chilling out on his living room after killing another two cops but then, cuts his possessed right hand with a cleaver causing it to getting loose and alive with murderous thirst for more victims after being trapped inside the microwave. 
Anton wrapped his hand with first-aid kit and being helped by Pnub and Mick’s ghosts while Debi LeCure the female druidic along with Randy (Anton’s Metal-head neighbor) starting their hunts down for stopping the possessing hand further more damage kills. 
   Molly went to school dance but the initiative to destroying the lost hand fails as it went loose again this time headed to the school dance party as being chased by Anton and friends, meeting the female druidic explaining how the hand will drag Molly’s soul to the netherworld with Anton crashed into the party to warns everyone about the danger and the excitements getting exciting with the various artists filling up this teenage-flick comedy horror movie like Motley Cure, Static-X, Sublime’s Santeria, Second Solution by The Living End; Btk’s Peppyrock to 2 Live Crew shouts Pop That Coochie or The Offspring brought their live performance covering the classic I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones) to Vanessa Daou, Rancid, Unwritten Law to David Garza scoring as the ignoring minds being paid by the spectators experiencing panic as the hand attacking the band, Molly’s hot friend Tanya and many more before the hand which disguising as a puppet being blew hard by Pnub and Mick using a mechanic bong weeds smokes controls it as Debi thrown her magical ritual knife and makes the hand puff out in smoke and fire. 
   As the druidic female priestess making sex with Randy and Anton given a second chance after the accident and the truck crushed incident to be with Molly again; things getting good since as laziness might be fatal like this movie telling us …