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Got Two Girlfriends (Elektra/Asylum 1981)

   One hit wonder didn’t have to stopping you from legalized yourself as a good band as this gained national attention off the Canadian produced group by Bob Ezrin (Bon Jovi, KISS) doesn’t known as WhistleKing but Th Kings since the founding members maybe confusing with thwir won choices as Peter Nunn did the keyboards, Mister Zero on guitars, Max Styles for the drum-sets and Sonny-Keyes over the keyboards/vocals as well as David Diamond the bassist and lead vocalist proud to be the Vancouver, British Columbia natives but shorter for their musical career as Amazon Beach – actually, filled up with many great catchy course on Rock N’ Roll a’la The Rolling Stones or Mick Jagger styles and the formatted front cover is very interesting but the least of eighty-one era did not spare something about them to be stuck there on the national charts or abroad neighboring country and the world easily forgetting about The Kings and Amazon Beach and all those sexy girls in futuristic bikinis. Listening on Surprises, The Fools are in Love, Why Don’t Love Do and The Loading Zone reveals how cool the music really are but fate saying differently on them.

Amazon Beach: