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Goats Eat Snot (Cuidad Oasis 2018)

   Do they really being influenced by Backstreet Boys must be uncertainty absurd but possible as the youngster trio of Adri, Samu and Yago from the parts of Spain town of Vigo releasing this non-famous simple-tinged melodic Indie Garage Punk-Pop on Super Awkward, Fucking Awesome all the characters burning fires on the beach and not afraid to showing themselves different with the rest of the ordinary and whether you’re an alien, beast or even the naughty bitch and boys from the beach unmasked; just don’t be afraid to tell the world that you writing good catchy songs representing back the memory of The Wilson Brothers and refers to have Surf Rock and Pop-Punk inside Empty Bodies, Slacker, Why Hawaii, Wasted/Young to Blisters On My Teeth leaving the sunrise onto sunsets but always stains as love marks attached to the sandy spots where girls used to have free-sex before going further more seriously than just changing liquids ! 

Super Awkward, Fucking Awesome: