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Giya Angel (Hyperboloid 2014)

Welcoming the amaze feelings for sending a proud sentiment in beat-music project not being comparable but easy listening acceptance by interests – here’s the Atlanta, USA international family assembly duo Ryo and Yami for Ba-Kuura as their perfect special oddities for perfect summer vibes; blowing mind and cannot stop playing over and over like you already being addicted clearly, hears just like the healing tunes filling up by dreams and artworks within more Tropical-tinged basic and atmosphere of the hot beaches and hot babes as well attached there.

Influencing yourself by the planning for vacation broke down or mis-interpreted but later on within the help from the chilling tension on Dual x Wield, New Planet (ft. Branstone) or Let’s Go shall giving back the right path and common sense for drinking free and life to dance while still young tonight. Super Dream_Sim might be your excellent recording picks for this end of the week garden party too.

Super Dream_Sim: