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Girl Next Door (Nemperor Records 1979)

   Praising more for the Power-Pop New Wave of America formed through several areas including the line-up of quartet from Detroit, Michigan known later as The Romantics whose comprising for Coz Canler (vocals, guitars), Wally Palmar (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Mike Skill (bass, guitar, vocals) with Jimmy Marinos (vocals, drums, percussion) on their special releasing debut album in self-titled called The Romantics to be instantly, famous for their cool, straight and simple music on Pop-Rock attacks the radio stations and young people’s ears during the late of the seventies era – where good music must be your live pulses and there’s nothing but a good time within the rest of the world to celebrates but love, peace and romantically fun to listening and sang about. She’s Got Everything, Till I See You Again, Tell it to Carrie and When I Look in Your Eyes will be some of their early works hits that may not making them sunken through the bunch of one hit wonder lists; especially – by looking so neat in orange-radish like the front cover pose.

The Romantics: