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Geriye Donemiyor (Domuz Records 2016)

   With formation being completes by Kutay Soyocak or Taner Yucel as a trio with that mysterious masked figure in the middle standing just like the extreme immature sounds that could be deleted but keeps on jerking off the stereo system while you opening one particular application for giving the test on rare new musical products as Jakuzi by their releasing record of Fantezi Muzik did this Indie-Pop mellowed intelligence sound sharing towards the front bonus masked guy with flowers which looking awkward but luckily, the band’s music did pretty well of Devo-interpreted and mourning infertility of The Cars music being dragged in as the harmony of Electronic and Coldwave and Synth-Pop declaring most of their local language lyrics inside the wrapping of greater weird music just like the moment for you to taking your Turkish dictionary and learn more about Her An Olecek Gibi, sweeter romance upon Bir Dusmanim Var, Lubunya, Koca Bir Sacmalik and Ustume Gelme in minimalist clunkers recommended for those whom liking the type like this creepy Pop music performance and groovy beats guarding. 

Fantezi Muzik: