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Genocide Bleed (Cognitive Records 2010)

   As Dennis Butler on drums, Steve Hochheiser on bass guitar, Caleb Quinn the guitarist and Tiina Teal as the female vocals scavenging growled lead singer guarding the presence of D├ętente evil solution on melodic Thrash/Hardcore/Screamo Metal in such a plain tissue over the good splinters stuck to your weak spots body-parts as the torturing Speed Metal and high techniques from this LA’s crew writing down about life, feelings, violence and war through the album – Decline which portraying the flammable images upon democracy and death over the blood-devastated soil of American states as this extended play leads your ears to meet the crusher tracks like Predator, Degradation Machine, Kill Rush and Ashes To Ashes seems to be created as an extermination for erasing the contra-culture Pop deep-shit total populations with a small amount of courage to say,” This Is Not Freedom” ... 

And you can see how on earth even lady liberty's crying blood !