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Gargle Von Deuce (SST Records 1995)

   Humorous harmful as some might considering the band as harmless Palm Desert, CA basic on Punk/Stoner/Grunge rock group as strangely beautiful but unusual using for amalgam best way in description just like the much-overlooked Melvins or Mudhoney but having their manifesto of slabby dusty Desert Rock tension and riffs as well as grooves and dirges from Sabbath and Clutch with enough quirky proceedings subtly given your thumbs as the audience liking them for surfing up to the oddities realm.
   Having members like the semi-legendary Brant Bjork to infamous line-up like Mario Lalli (vocals, guitar), Dino Lalli (guitars, bass), Tony Tornay on drums, Larry Lalli or Vince Meghrouni for saxophone and harmonica; your Stoner crew called Fatso Jetson releasing their debut album for Stinky Little Gods that shows the bikers and the sleepy world a very unique and good vibes taken to the road and back via finest independent composition blends like Joke Shop, Pressure For Posture, Nightmares Are Essential, Highway 86 onto Salt Chunk Mary’s or Corn of The Macabre; sounding a lot like the soundtrack for the mixture newer shows based on Twin peaks and The Twilight Zone and American Horror Story all in one disc.

Stinky Little Gods: