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From One Bird (Independent 2007)

   Acoustic Folk-Pop rocking and Country-natural clear-tinged crystal in searching for praising the lyrics on faith beliefs and thanking for the meal and prayers over the days of reckoning as the first but not the last within this song-writing and singing for Indie-Pop show over contemplation in deeply melodies will gets your ears loving them as blends separated in senses offering little interruption state to your daily world as story goes on coming from this Hamilton, Ontario performance by From The Bridge as you might calling him or them; releasing the outdoors beauty not perils closer to the edge of the ravine but dangerous is not threatening – only needs to be aware if you care and dare to avoid them.

Being a good, honest men isn’t easy but within this type of songs carry your spirits on over the life-journey things might be looked promising since the play for Then Now and Again, Mint, Not This Time But Another, Figure Reason, Lakeside (This Is) onto Trust – might leads the listeners to a better righteous steps to sweetness follow Passages - the album …