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Frolic Drawings (Disney Enterprises/Walden Media 2016)

   London orphaned of the 10 years old girl named Sophie meet her elderly Big Friendly Giant as it captures her outside her window taking her to the giant country where he told the little girl to stay with him for the rest of her life in a very good dreams but not revealing her presence even once to those other existing men-eating giants like Fleshlumpeater, Bloodbuttler as one day she woke up after being asked by the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) to go entering Dream Country and catching good dreams and being caught by them sending her and her BFG accidently, running away from these ferocious beasts as being tormented and bullied the BFG once like a ball or rolling him down the hill with a garbage truck but as thunderstorm strikes the pair escapes while the other giants scared and hiding in their cave.
The BFG directing movie by Steven Spielberg from the inspiring same novel from Roald Dahl as benevolent giant befriended a human girl through insomnia reading to the witching hour meeting. Maneaters and wanting the taste of children – the threat of the hungry giants must be stopped as Sophie got an idea to go visiting the Queen’s palace with the BFG introducing to the royal crown and the rest of the military general as awkwardly funny times appreciated its gigantic sized but well-mannered and intelligent as the queen herself believes the story being told by Sophie about her encountering dreams and nightmares through the experience in Giant Country and the threat comes in form of man-eating ugly giants to the their British territory that must be intercepted and stop by huge efforts and military force available under the queen’s command. 
   John Williams worth a truth concept and composing tracks for the film within thus beautiful mesmerizing instrumental orchestra as parts of his legendary talents here offers you the Overture, Sophie’s Nightmare, Building Trust, Dream Jars onto Blowing Dreams and There Was A Boy as Giants Netted resulting how the well-planned penetration of British military helicopters infiltrate to snatching and snaring to trap those hungry giants works successfully, taking them away far to the inhabitant island where the giants left there stranded surrounding by vast ocean and snozzcumber seeds to plant and to eats later. 

Sophie then living inside the queen’s palace with Mary the good maid as The BFG returns to his giant country where now he can grow more variety of vegetables as narrating of the little girl ends her story but always can communicate to her friendly friend hears every words and smiles.