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Frame Cat Fat (Sounds Of Subterrania 2007)

   Banged energy bunny from degradation self-conflicts for you within this presence of The Now-Denial music group whose playing their Hardcore of the best in most excellent punkish attitude existed from the hailing proud Germany’s Bremen/Bielefeld/Munster formed forging the ashes of their previous bands dying is today and the releases and the touring proves names like Christian Weinrich, Jan Frohne, Jens Aschemeier, Phillipp Heidemann, Robin Volkert and Soren Schlichhaber in angst recording entitled – Mundane Lullaby mixing their explosive beats of brute extreme sounds as Mouthful of Shit, Glittering Lights/Mallratstraps, Promenade and Warzone, Cesspools or Osmosis reacting not overrated but showing the power-violence and protesting lyrics combination in new waving of Hardcore and Death Rock preposition by independence. 

Mundane Lullaby: