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Forget-Me-Not (Unity/Hipster Whale 2015)

   Arcade gaming with its own machinery Electro-beats discotheque remixes musical accompanying the original character of a chicken to manage safe by crossing the streets as many vehicles driving through thus crowded dense of outskirt area and forest edge not mentioning thus smaller ponds, rivers and lake as you might successfully get points for avoiding on not to get hit or fell and drowning to the water; endlessly possible for player must not dying but going forward pass the obstacles or being slow-mo and then, snatched by the bald eagle in this iOS version of Crossy Road game containing more than two hundred characters as well as hidden unlocking by collecting coins as every fifty points sounded by effects with Doge, Archie, Dark Lord and various popular culture reference such as Phil Lester’s voice on Emo Goose. 

   Brighter colorful cubes like cars, trees and more things easily to recognize and also cute - over this describing as endless frogger style gaming which after you downloads the apps probably, will making you addicted to it per day.