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Floor Tenebras Lux (Off Cloud Nine Label 2013)

   Dedicated as a monumental beliefs for working with their friend – Andy as a polite and respectful lucky group once  but now drowning within the history but you might knowing these ten recording session tracks for the likes on Emo-Hardcore metallic music releases for yourself to reflects as Recollections is important for Alex, Dakota, Greg and Troy celebrating their freedom onto making snot-grunts screamo and grinding version sounds in such a punkish rejected and non-commercial function here as Nayru – the band.

The sadistic solitude moments beyond Memories, Penumbra, Our Eulogies, Illuminations or Ghost Dance and Insomnia merely, presenting the visible original Emo-Hardcore rocking sounds as you might used to remember decade ago, slowly turning faded and faded and dies on this miscellaneous recording.