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Farewell Gunshot (Columbia Records 2002)

   Your favorite “ordinary” local boy turning super-hero of NYC area after an experimented spider bites him and mutating the DNA inside him as Spider-Man the beginning story and courage actions from him which accompanied by Danny Elfman scoring music and various artists getting the soundtrack filled with dignity as the themes like Hero (Chad Kroeger, Josey Scott), Sum 41, Bleu, Alien Ant Farm’s Bug Bytes, Blind from Default, Greenwheel singing Shelter onto Corey Taylor and Jerry Cantrell and Macy Gray teaming up with Elfman’s contributing tracks compositions like Transformations, Revenge, Parade Attack and Specter of The Goblin is Finding Confrontation towards evil genius minds and actions from Norman Osborn the father of Peter Parker’s best childhood friend Harry and beautiful Mary Jane Watson (the girl whom separates their friendships for bigger love sign) as skinny Peter finding his live changed from being a bullied person to a stronger character with the superb abilities of a human spider, wrestling illegally for making money, get involved to let his beloved Uncle Ben died by the robbery shot and mourning Aunt May alone, started from a genetic laboratory field trip when a super spider escapes and bites him quick. Metamorphosize muscular, body producing webs, quickened reflexes and speedy strength sticking on the wall being gifted to him the day after as Norman trying his new military equipment on the Oscorp labs absorbing chemical and insanely killing his assistant. As his uncle advise about with great power comes great responsibility as the freelance photography Peter Parker hiding his super-hero identity while Green Goblin came to interrupts the military experiment tests and killing several rival corporation scientists an General Slocum planning for assassinates as well some board members of Oscorp at the fair but as Spider-Man comes and fight; Norman offers him a place beside him but wounded Peter refused.
   The thanksgiving dinner reveals the true identity of Peter Parker as Norman seeing his similar wound; with Green Goblin captured Mary Jane after Harry heartbroken seeing her with Peter the Roosevelt Island Tram car and Queensboro Bridge of children hostage forcing Spider-Man to successfully, saving them all as Norman grabs Peter to an abandoned building as he brutally beaten up but manage to overpowers Green Goblin. 
Tricky moves form Norman as he revealing himself  to Peter as he begs but his glider trying to stab Spider-Man but ended up impales Norman himself; brought back home by Spider-Man witnessing by the raging Harry whom swearing to avenge his father’s dead to Spider-Man on the funeral, grabbing Peter as his only family left and refuses Mary Jane’s confession for loving him only to be good friends.

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